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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that we get at Glenn's:

How can I pay for my damage?

We accept cash, insurance checks, money orders, certified bank checks, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. We are unable to accept personal checks. The shop wants you to be able to pay for our services in the most convenient way.

** Please note that all credit and debit card transactions will have a 3.5% convenience fee.

How long will this take?

It all depends on the amount of damage to the car. It also depends on how easily and quickly we can get your parts here. Sometimes parts come from out of state and it takes longer. Another thing that will affect our turnaround is the season. Some parts of the year are much busier than others.



How much will this cost?

This question varies with each vehicle that is brought into us. It varies on the amount of damage, the type of vehicle (including the year), and which parts are available. Cost can range from a couple of dollars for putting a piece on to a few thousand dollars for accident repair.



How can I schedule an appointment?

It would be best if you could call ahead to tell us that you will be stopping by the shop. We will then look over your car and write an estimate for you. We will discuss the details for your estimate with you. Sometimes your insurance company will already have one done. If so, we will go over it with you and explain to you what needs to be done to your vehicle. If you decide to use Glenn’s Body Shop to repair your vehicle, we will check our calendar to see when you can bring your vehicle to us.



What do I do after I drop my vehicle off?

Some customers already have another vehicle that they will be using when theirs is in the shop. Others will have a rental car. When customers have a rental car, we will gladly set up your appointment for you. When you come to drop off your vehicle, the rental car employee will pick you up here and take you to their office. They will then give you your rental car there.



Do I need more than one estimate?

We get this question often. This one is hard to answer because there actually are a few different answers. Most insurance companies write their own estimate so there is no need to ride around and get an estimate as they are going to pay off to what they write. If more damage is found once the vehicle is tore down, the insurance company will be notified and a supplement will be created. If this is not an insurance claim, then yes, you can get as many as you would like. *REMEMBER - IN VIRGINIA* **REGARDLESS OF WHAT INSURANCE COMPANY YOU HAVE, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE YOUR VEHICLE REPAIRED AT A SHOP OF YOUR CHOICE.**



How will I know when my vehicle is ready?

After all work is complete, you will receive a phone call that your vehicle is ready for pick-up. We will also inform you of any details about the repair that you need to be aware of.



What does it mean when a vehicle totals?

An appraiser will judge the value of your car based on age, mileage, cleanliness, etc. and an estimate of the actual cost to repair your vehicle is written. Every insurance company has different percentages and procedures. Some vehicles look like they have minimal damage, but can be totaled. If the cost to repair your vehicle is too close to the value it holds, then most likely the company would deem it a total loss.



If you have to paint parts, will the color match?

This one is a tough question. We do offer a color match guarantee, but there are some things that customers do not typically realize. We will only be able to match the color to the original color of the car. We cannot take into effect the acts of Mother Nature and Father Time. All vehicles fade over time, especially when under tough weather conditions. If you are unsatisfied with the match, we will try our hardest to get it as close as we can.

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